Gtree Pharmaceutical’s benefit package is as following.


·  Five-day workweek with self-determinism and responsibility (9am – 6pm)

·  Annual, approved vacation (condolence vacation, protective vacation after abortion, etc.), protective vacation before and after child birth, petition vacation, long-term employee vacation, leave of absence at one’s own request (maternity leave, etc.)

·  Provide vacation and vacation bonus for long-term employed persons

·  Provide individual bonus and special bonus

· Provide flexible benefit plans (support learning language, physical training, leisure activities and hobby, etc.)
·  Big four insurance (health insurance, national pension, unemployment insurance, and occupational health and safety insurance)
·  Provide expenditure for congratulations and condolences (marriage, 60th birthday, condolences money, congratulations for childbirth, etc.)
·  Subsidize for parking fee
·  Support expenses for department get-together
·  Support the employee’s tuition and children’s educational expenses (secondary, college, etc.)
·  Support infant subsidy (preschool, private educational system, culture center, etc.)
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